St. Edward Cells

The Cell Agenda


  • Song and Praise Prayer
  • Abbeviated Lectio Divina (lifting a verse from scripture, with reflection)
  • Evangelistic Sharing
  • Teaching and Discussion
  • Business
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Healing Prayer
Fellowship time usually follows.




Why haven't I heard about Cell Groups?

Cell groups are really not new.  Jesus had the first cell group with his friends, the Apostles.  It is the early Church way.  In the early Church, Christians gathered to share the Word of God.  They recounted the stories of Jesus, his life, and the personal effect he had on them.  Those who believed had such joy that they wanted to share this joy with others that may not have met Jesus or known him.

I'm so busy and my schedule with kids never allows me time for myself.

This is probably the best 90 minutes you can spend sharing faith and life with people that will become friends that last a life-time.  We have all ladies' cells (the husbands stay at home and babysit that night), and we have all mens' cells, when the ladies stay home and give their husbands an opportunity to pray and have fellowship.  If an evening cell is not convenient...we have cells that meet during the day.

Are you concerned about your teenager with so many negative influences in the culture?

Help them discover all the positive aspects about life, their Catholic faith, their future.  Talk to them about joining a teen cell.

As a young adult you want to find your place in the world and be a force for good.  Do you want to meet other young adults heading in the same direction?

The young adult cell group may be the powerful support and genuine friendships you've been looking for!





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