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7 Purposes of a Cell Group

  • To grow in ongoing intimacy with the Lord
  • To evangelize by word and lifestyle, especially by inviting people to join the group
  • To grow to a point of "birthing/multiplication"
  • To give and receive support
  • To inspire members to prepare for leadership in the future
  • To be involved in parish ministry according to our gifts
  • To deepen our Catholic identity

What happens
at a Cell Meeting?



Parish Evangelizing Cells


A cell group is not a program, or even a is more a 'way of parish life'.  Cell groups are small groups that evangelize the parish from within, bringing the light of Christ to its members.  Members of the parish (about five to ten) get together in the home of the cell leader to give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord; to share a teaching on a topic of our Faith ; to share Scripture, reflect, and discuss the teaching; to talk about how we have shared our faith with others, in small ways; and to offer intercessory prayer for our families, friends, the nation, and the world.  The meetings run by a specific agenda for approximately 90 minutes.


A Gift of the Holy Spirit for the New Evangelization

Catholic Cells began here in Pembroke Pines, Florida and has spread all over the world.


International website for Parish Cells

Parish Cell Groups, Dublin

Parish Cell Groups, Milan





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