St. Edward
passes out bread
in this window,
retelling the kings's
generosity to the poor

St. Edward the 'crowned monk'

Art at St. Edward parish, Pembroke Pines

by Jim Davis - Florida Catholic

PEMBROKE PINES | Asked to name a few saints, most people likely wouldn't think of St. Edward. But perhaps they should. For our current era of wars, poverty and wasteful spending, this millennial king of England sets an example for peace and benevolence.

Edward, whose feast day falls on Oct. 13, was born near Oxford between 1003 and 1005. He was the son of King Ethelred II, who was deposed by the Danes. Edward's family was exiled to the court of an uncle in Normandy.

In exile, Edward showed more love for prayer and assisting at Mass than for power and worldly pleasures. But in 1042, after the death of the Danish king, he was called to take the English throne.

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The Holy Spirit as a dove
shares tongues of flame
in the Pentecost window

Chapel Vitral 



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