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Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers,Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Choir, Greeters, Lectors, Ushers

Altar Servers:  Our boys and girls provide assistance to members of the St. Edward clergy during religious services in supporting tasks at the altar such as holding the book, carrying the offertory gifts, leading the entrance procession with the cross.
Contact Elliot Rodriguez immediately after Mass or the Parish Office at (954) 436-7944.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: These ministers assist priests and deacons in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and outside of Mass at nursing homes, hospitals and to the homebound.  An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is an adult lay person who has been selected by the pastor to serve in this capacity.
Contact Elliot Rodriguez at (954) 436-7944 regarding weekday or weekend Masses in English.
Contact Ramiro or Susy Obrador, (954) 436-7944 for the Mass in Spanish.

St. Edward Choirs-Agnus Dei (English),Hosanna (Spanish), and the Teens: This is a purpose-driven ministry bringing God's people closer to His glory and presence in Sunday Eucharistic celebrations and whenever we gather to worship.  If you are interested in joining any one of our choirs please contact our Choir Director, Noemi Soto.

Greeters: The minister of hospitality is equipped for this ministry by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These gifts make that ministry effective and enable the minister to build up the Body of Christ. In their welcome and Christ-like attitude, ministers of hospitality ensure that the faithful see and experience the love of Christ as they offer a kind word and a warm smile to all who enter our doors to worship.
Contact the Parish Office for more information.

Lectors:  The lector proclaims the word of God at Sunday or daily Mass by reading selected scriptures.  Being a lector is a commitment to grow in your faith as you read and reflect on the scriptures in preparation for the proclamation.
Contact Sherita Wrentz for Masses in English, (954) 436-7944
Contact Ramiro or Susy Obrador for the Spanish Mass, (954) 436-7944

Ushers:  Our ushers make parishioners and visitors feel welcome when they arrive for Mass by assisting parishioners in finding seats, distributing special intention envelopes or other special materials if needed, gathering the offertory collection, assisting and directing the communion procession, distributing bulletins after Mass and wishing parishioners well as they leave.  Remember also that our ushers are present for the safety of the congregation as well, and to ensure that good order is maintained before, during and after Mass.
Contact Jaime De Freitas or see one of the ushers before or after Mass.







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